Frequently Asked Questions

During the season (April through October) we’re usually open from 9 am until 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. We’re closed on Sunday and Monday. However, we’re flexible with rentals and can usually make an appointment with you for a bicycle pick-up or drop-off. Also, if you need to drop off your bike after the shop is closed, we have a bicycle locker nearby where you can leave the rental.

If you’d like to get an early start and pick up the bike the night before, we need to assure availability and block out the bike for that evening.  Please communicate and we will try our best.

Of course, you’re welcome to simply walk into our shop and reserve a bike. However, we recommend reserving to make sure that you get the bike that you want and also to make sure that the bike is prepped and ready when you arrive.

In order to reserve, you must go to our “Rent a Bike” page and choose the number of bikes you will be needing. You will then need to fill out information concerning each bike: name of rider, bike size, etc.. The website will then show you the total price of the rental based on this information. You’ll then need to pay a 100 chf deposit for each bicycle reserved. If the total cost of your rental is less than 100 chf, then you’ll pay that amount as a deposit.

Your reservation cannot be confirmed until we check your request with our inventory, so you will need to wait 24-72 hours in order for your reservation to be confirmed. You’ll then receive an invoice and be required to pay the balance when you pick up the bike. You can pay your balance in person with Swiss francs or by credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard only.

You’ll get a clean and serviced bicycle. We’ll also give you a helmet and saddlebag with CO2 cartridge pump or hand pump, tire-irons, a tube, a lock and multi-tool.

Bikes come with 2 bottle cages.

Touring bikes come with a handlebar bag and a large optional seatpost bag (big enough to carry a jacket). Please request this if you want, otherwise we’ll simply attach a smaller saddlebag.

If picking up in Geneva, a mechanic will make basic adjustments as necessary before you leave. We’ll fit your bike with your choice of pedals and seat at no extra charge.

The following options incur extra charges:
Water bottles, computer, phone mount, garmin mount, panniers, pick up or drop off outside Geneva. (But all are possible at an extra charge).

Yes. We can send the bicycle ahead to many different train stations in Switzerland for 100 Chf per bicycle provided you are renting the bicycle for at least 3 days. All fees must be paid before delivery. We can also deliver in France… contact us for a price estimate.

No. We can ship the bikes to most railway stations in Switzerland for 100 Chf per bike. However, this requires that you pay your entire balance up front.

If you need bikes delivered within a 100 km radius from Geneva, let us know and we will try to work out a price for you.

Yes, almost all trains in Switzerland have places for bikes. The price of a “Day Card” for your bicycle is 15 Francs (10 francs if you have a “half-fare card”). Some trains require you to make a reservation. This is especially true in the summer.

You can cancel your booking at any time – with the following charges that will apply:

  • Cancellation up to 10 days before you scheduled pick-up date –  ½ (half) of your per bicycle deposit (with a maximum of Chf 50).
  • Cancellation within 10 days of your scheduled pick-up date. No refund of deposit.
  • EXCEPTION: Cancellations during the last two weeks of July. No refund of deposit.
  • We do not refund deposits to any person or group of persons whose total balance exceeds 1000 chf.

Unfortunately not, there are no refunds for early-returns.

We have two different lock systems. A heavy bar lock if you plan to be spending a lot of time walking around in larger cities with your bicycle, and a much lighter cable lock. Most riders will only need the light cable lock. If, however, you were to leave your bicycle unattended to visit museums in a larger city, you would want the bar lock.

In the unlikely event that your bike is stolen, we will only charge you our own purchase price of the bicycle in order to buy a replacement.

We understand that our bicycles and equipment will go through a lot. We’re not worried about normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage.

However, if a cyclist does significant damage to a bicycle during the ride (bent derailleur, broken wheel, etc), we will direct the cyclist to the nearest bike shop en route and the cyclist will be expected to pay for those repairs. If serious damage is seen upon the bicycles arrival, then we will charge for whatever repairs are needed.

We strive to be fair. If we need to repair damage, we’ll charge you our cost for parts and nothing for labor.

We no longer rent GPS. Cellphones applications are now widespread and we think they work just as well as GPS. We do sell simple cellphone mounts at our shop and recommend signing up directly with or through our website, to get routes starting from our shop.

We recommend the following:

  • Our website is a great start for routes and a GPS phone application.
  • to take a closer look at the possibilities if cycling in Switzerland.
  • Our tour website for more information about possible routes and tour options.

You’ll have all the necessary equipment you need to change a flat: spare tube, tire irons and pump (or C02 cartridge if you’re riding a road bike). Of course, anytime that you go out riding alone, you should be prepared for a flat and know how to change one. That said, we inspect our bikes after each use, and although this is not 100% effective in spotting problems, flats and mechanical problems are rare.

Yes, all the bags come with a rain-fly. You’ll need to take out this rain-fly and put it over the bag if it begins raining.

Yes, Switzerland has 9 national biking routes and each route has been issued a map book. We have these for sale for 26 Swiss francs. Just let us know which ones you need and we’ll add them to your invoice. The books are available in German and French. Routes 8 and 9 are available in English. You can also buy them directly from us at

Yes, normally after each season we sell part of our fleet. If we do have bikes for sale, we list them on

So long as we’re in possession of your bikes, you can store your luggage at no charge. One piece of luggage per bike please.